ExaGear enables Android users to run Windows programs on Android

Android apps have gotten more powerful and faster over the years, but there are still times when a desktop program is necessary. Some tasks still cannot be done on Android devices yet. That means you need to access your (for example) Windows computer for more demanding tasks, this is where ExaGear, a new Windows Emulator steps in. It enables users to run Windows programs on Android. So, Android devices and select Chromebooks have access to a ton of desktop applications in theory. An app like this will definately come at a preminum, since this is a much needed functionality. ExaGear is not perfect, but it’ll cost you $30 to test yourself.

Just like the Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox and even Android emulators, ExaGear provides a way for users to run foreign programs on Android, mainly Windows programs. If you’ve ever downloaded a game console emulator, you’ll be familiar with the setup here. ExaGear doesn’t come with any Windows software. It’s just the framework to run Windows programs, so you need to download Windows installers (EXE or MSI) on your device. Ideally, these should be programs that you may need to use while mobile, that you just could not use on your phone before.

Installation does take a rather long time, and the speed of the emulator is not good enough to play any modern games. Most programs seem to run alright. Obviously with mobile devices being less powerful than PCs at the moment, some big programs may not be able to run because of processor or memory issues. but it will definately be able to run light programs, that can come in handy when you are away from your keyboard and mouse.

On Android, you will need to have a keyboard and mouse attached either via Bluetooth or an OTG cable. ExaGear is optimized for Chromebooks that have the Play Store, but it doesn’t run on x86 devices. That means only ARM Chromebooks with the Play Store, of which there is only one—the Asus Chromebook Flip. Google is lagging behind on expanding the Play Store to other models, so the selection might get better at any time.

ExaGear costs $29.99 in the Play Store, which is quite pricey compared to other Android apps. Its definitely a welcomed innovation but it’s not perfect, but just like all other apps, it will receive incremental updates, which means it will improve over time.

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