Microsoft’s Surface Pro Laptops for business users

Microsoft launched a new model of its Surface Pro laptop on Tuesday, with its main focus on business users. The new version of the Surface Pro now has built-in LTE connectivity, which means users can stay connected wherever there’s a cellular signal, the same sort used by your smartphone.

This gives Microsoft an edge for business users who need constant connectivity where Wi-Fi isn’t available, like in airports where the signal can be bad. The Verge recently reviewed the new Surface Pro with LTE and gave it high marks for all-day battery life but noted that the processor is outdated compared with newer PCs.

he LTE-model of Microsoft’s Surface Pro starts at $1,149 with an Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM. If you can splurge, you’re probably better off buying the model with 8GB of RAM and twice the storage (256GB) for $1,449. You’ll need to pay an additional $99 for a keyboard for either model. Microsoft says the new devices should ship on May 1.


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