Graphic Design

Logo Design

A logo is not something to be taken lightly, it’s the most important element of your company’s identity. Your logo will feature on various parts of your business, such as on your website, packaging, labels, social media marketing and printed materials.

We endear to design timeless logos, that will uniquely identify your brand. Once you have communicated your logo idea with us, we will create 3 different designs for you to choose from, giving you the opportunity to choose and make adjustments based on your desired requirements.

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Digital Flyers

With the advent of social media, digital Flyers have become an effective way to promote your company’s latest products and promotions. Having a good flyer design is crucial as it can easily increase your inquiries and convert clients.

We leverage our experience in effective flyer design to give the possible representation of your latest promos and offerings. Our quick turnaround also ensures that you have your design in 24hrs or less. We can also print your flyers for physical distribution.

Business Profiles

A corporate business profile offers a quick look into your company, allowing people to get a general idea of your company’s products or services. Besides existing and potential clients, the business profile will also be viewed by investors, corporate sponsors, business partners and job applicants.

An effectively designed Business profile will be a great representation of your company. We are available to design your Business profiles optimized for print and in digital form.

Business Cards

A good way to ensure that your clients do not forget about your company is to offer them your business card after meetings. This will give them something tangible that will remind them of your company, and is a good reference for them if ever they need your services.

We offer well designed business cards, that will contain all the necessary communication information, for when your clients need to reach you.

Email Signatures

Signatures on your corporate emails are a great way of promoting your brand while communicating with your customers or potential clients. They portray a professional approach to doing business, and will have all the necessary contact details and social media links, helping your customers find you online.

We design Email signatures that are clear, straight to the point and provide an adequate description of your business.

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