How to improve your programming in VS Code using GitHub Copilot

How to improve your programming in VS Code using GitHub Copilot

How to improve your programming in VS Code using Github Co-pilot.

GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered pair programmer tool that revolutionizes the way you write code. Integrated seamlessly into Visual Studio Code, Copilot assists you in generating code, learning from its suggestions, and enhancing your overall development experience. Let’s dive into the key features and use cases of Copilot.

Key Features

  1. Inline Code Suggestions:
    • As you write and iterate on code, Copilot provides real-time code suggestions directly within the editor.
    • These suggestions adapt to your coding style and context, making your development process smoother.
  2. Chat Conversations:
    • Start a chat with Copilot to:
      • Generate or refactor source code.
      • Produce documentation comments.
      • Generate unit tests.
    • Copilot becomes your coding companion, helping you achieve more with less effort.
  3. Error Assistance:
    • When you encounter errors in your code, Copilot offers guidance on how to fix them.
    • It even helps you resolve errors while running commands in the terminal.
  4. Learning and Ramp-Up:
    • Ask Copilot questions to:
      • Understand syntax or programming concepts.
      • Learn about specific codebases.
      • Accelerate your grasp of new languages or frameworks.
  5. Customization and Configuration:
    • Use chat features to discover and configure your VS Code setup according to your preferences.

Getting Started

  1. Prerequisites:
    • Install the GitHub Copilot extension in VS Code.
    • Ensure you have an active subscription for GitHub Copilot in your personal account or are assigned a seat by your organization.
  2. Setup:

Use Cases

  1. Code Completions:
    • Copilot suggests code as you type, analyzing context across files.
    • It adapts to your coding patterns, making implementation faster.
  2. Coding Questions:
    • Ask Copilot about syntax, programming concepts, or best practices.
    • Receive responses in natural language or code snippets.
  3. Code Understanding:
    • Copilot explains selected code, enhancing your understanding.
    • Useful for both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  4. Project Kickstart:
    • Generate initial code snippets to jumpstart your project.
    • Create unit test cases and code documentation effortlessly.


GitHub Copilot in VS Code empowers developers to write better code, learn faster, and collaborate effectively. Explore its capabilities, and let AI be your coding ally!

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