How to keep people coming to your website

How to keep people coming to your website
The internet is growing rapidly with more and more websites coming online everyday. This makes it more difficult for your website to stand out and be found. This presents us with a new dilemma, while it is crucial to have a website for your company in 2020, It is even more important that your website stands out and gets visited frequently. For this reason it is important that you make a solid and unforgettable name for your business. This is how companies like Amazon and Alibaba have a massive online presence and popularity. Here are some tips on how you can improve your online presence:
  1. High Quality Content – The information and content on your site would be engaging, while shining a light on your products and services. focusing on optimizing the customer experience while selling your brand and business with achieve the results you need. Having useful information on your site like FAQs, and industry related updates can also be a great tool for attracting your target audience. No need for long and dreary explanations, keep it short, and to-the-point.
  2. Ease of use – On average, a person spends about 20 seconds looking through a page before moving on to a new one. You want to make sure you site has a good visual design that highlights the information that your visitor may be looking for. They should be able to scan the site briefly and instantly find what they are looking for. This will improve the chances of you successfully engaging the visitor.
  3. Responsiveness – Your website should be flexible and accessible on multiple devices without compromising the design and usefulness. This cannot be stressed enough as there is a growing number of people now navigating the internet mainly from their mobile phones.
  4. Design Color Scheme – Make your brand stand out by having a unique color scheme that is instantly recognizable. Your design and layout plays a big role in having visitors frequent your site
  5. Simplicity – No need to be fancy and show off your coding prowess by having all kinds of moving gizmos and widgets. Save that for your personal projects. If you intend on engaging your visitors on your corporate site, keep i neat and straight to the point. Simplicity always wins.
These are just a few pointers that will send you in the right directions when it comes to getting visitors to frequent your website. Be creative but not too complex and you will see your site gaining traffic.
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