Netflix is planning to launch a 48 hour free ‘Streamfest'

Netflix is planning to launch a 48 hour free ‘Streamfest’
Get ready folks, here come it comes. Netflix is gearing up to launch its new 2-day free streaming promotion, which will let everyone in a given country access the service for free for a weekend. They plan to launch the “StreamFest” in India, and depending on the results, they will expand the test-run to other countries in future. Netflix has also launched the Netflix Watch Free site as well, which offers some great movies including “Bird Box” and series like the first episode of “Stranger Things” free to stream without a membership A look at their bottom line for 2020 will reveal that Netflix had about 25.86 million streaming customers in the first half of 2020. They have seen a lot of growth (2.2 million new subs) this year because of the global lockdowns that are due to the Covid-19 outbreak. While most people are confined to their homes, they will be enjoying some entertainment, and binging is at an all-time high. Their “Streamfest” will be a good way to expose a lot of new people to the amazing content that is available on the streaming platform. Some of these potential subscribers are then expected then sign up, thereby fulfilling the marketing loop. Only time will tell if this will be effective, the big question is will their servers and back end hold up if there is a spike in streaming demand from a target country? We will have to wait and see…
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