Microsoft Is Working On Xbox Controllers For Mobile Devices


The future is mobile… or so that’s what all the analysts are saying. It’s hard to deny the fact that mobile devices basically rule the day when it comes to social interaction, productivity, and entertainment for billions of people around the world. Well, Microsoft believes that providing said mobile gamers with a better way to control their games is the right way to go.

This isn’t just some move out of the blue, or Microsoft being kind to mobile gamers (although maybe that does play some part in the decision) the reality is that this all ties into the broader scope of Microsoft’s plans to introduce gamers to the Xbox ecosystem even if they don’t have an Xbox. According to Windows Central the new mobile controller ties into the upcoming Project xCloud initiative, which is set to start its public trials in 2019.

Microsoft is working on physical controllers for mobile devices so that mobile gamers will have a proper control mechanism to use with Project xCloud when they stream games from the cloud through their mobile devices, much like PlayStation Now or OnLive.