Skills Improvement: Datacamp

Skills Improvement: Datacamp
If you work in tech or are hoping to break into the field, you must keep your technical skills sharp to be competitive in the job market. But not everyone has the time or money to return to school for a degree. Fortunately, online learning platforms for coding are becoming more popular. DataCamp is one such platform that helps you enhance your coding skills or deepen your knowledge of subjects like data science and machine learning. DataCamp is an online learning platform that teaches students new technical skills or helps them brush up on their current skill set. DataCamp is a self-paced, non-proctored approach to learning, similar to competing providers like Codecademy and CodeCamp. DataCamp teaches data science, machine learning and skills like business intelligence and SQL tools. When you sign up with DataCamp, you’ll experience a hands-on approach to learning that includes regular skill assessments to track your progress. Courses include challenges and projects featuring real-world elements to help you figure out how to apply your new skills in the workplace. Through a series of courses or career paths, DataCamp can help you learn coding languages like Python, R, SQL and Scala, along with products like Tableau, Power BI, Oracle SQL and Excel. DataCamp has a few different paid tiers and one free offering. The free service level is relatively limited but allows you to complete six courses and provides unlimited access to DataCamp’s job board. Paid membership levels are as follows:
  • Premium. This tier costs $25 per month. It unlocks the full content library, giving you access to any course or skills track DataCamp offers. You’ll also be able to take the certificate courses and have access to all projects.
  • Teams. This level also costs $25 per month and is for teams of two or more people. With a Teams membership, you can manage your group and track progress by viewing each person’s learning activity.
  • Bespoke. This membership tier offers a fully customizable experience for your employees. This tier includes integrations for advanced analytics, reporting and LMS/LXP. You must contact the company for specific pricing.
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