The Rise of NVIDIA : The hardware behind AI

The Rise of NVIDIA : The hardware behind AI

NVIDIA’s Meteoric Rise: The Hardware behind AI

1. The Foundation: AI and Graphics Dominance

NVIDIA, synonymous with artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge graphics, has been on a relentless upward trajectory. Here’s why:

AI Revolution: The initial hype around AI centered on platforms like OpenAI and ChatGPT. However, NVIDIA’s specialized data center chips stole the spotlight. These chips, designed explicitly for AI workloads, fueled a tidal wave of demand. From AI start-ups to tech giants, everyone sought NVIDIA’s prowess.

Data Center Revenue Surge: In fiscal 2024, NVIDIA’s data center revenue skyrocketed by 217%, reaching a staggering $47.5 billion. The H100 graphics processing unit (GPU) emerged as the hottest AI hardware, driving this remarkable growth. The data center segment now constitutes 78% of NVIDIA’s total revenue.

2. The H200 GPU: A Game-Changer

NVIDIA isn’t resting on its laurels. The new H200 GPU is set to revolutionize data centers. It can inference (process live data for AI predictions) twice as fast as the H100 while consuming half the energy. Data center operators are salivating over this winning combination, anticipating off-the-charts demand.

3. Market Valuation and Future Prospects

NVIDIA’s stock has surged 258% in the past 12 months, transforming it into a $2 trillion** company. Despite this meteoric rise, the stock remains reasonably priced based on forecast earnings per share for fiscal 2025. As AI continues to reshape industries, NVIDIA’s hot streak seems far from over.

4. Trust in the AI Pioneer

NVIDIA’s Founder Jensen Huang saw the vision of AI and how to make it viable ages ago and remains the  visionary behind the hardware that powers AI. Microsoft’s $10 billion investment in OpenAI underscores the critical role NVIDIA plays. The AI ecosystem thrives on NVIDIA’s chips, making it an indispensable force.

Conclusion: The AI Odyssey Continues

NVIDIA’s journey over the past five years is nothing short of awe-inspiring. From gaming dominance to AI supremacy, it has redefined possibilities. As we look ahead, NVIDIA’s innovations will shape our digital landscape, making it a thrilling ride for investors and tech enthusiasts alike.

Watch Jensen Huang’s latest keynote :

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