Website Development

Having a presence online has become a critical element of business operations. Websites are becoming the foremost representation of your company. Once set up, they are always online and ready to receive new clients, giving them all the information they require.

Alltech Zimbabwe is here to design your website to your specifications, whether you need a Corporate Business website, Online Store, News Website, Information Portal or Personal Website.

We also ensure that your site is visible online by making use of Search Engine Optimization and social media intergration. Our team is ready to guide you in getting the most of your online presence.

We know that the internet is now accessible on a wide array of devices, including Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets, TVs and Mobile phones. Our designs are able to adjust to the best possible viewing on all platforms, making them effective on large screens and smaller screens like mobile devices.

We implement all the latest web standards to ensure quality front-end and back-end design and functionality, by implementing up-to-date SQL, PHP, SSL, Javascript, WordPress and Joomla technologies.

E-Commerce Websites

As more people start warming up to the idea of shopping online in Zimbabwe, E-commerce websites have begun to gain momentum. Having an online store can help you reach a wider customer base, which is not limited to your geographic location. Your customers will be able to shop in your store from the comfort of their homes, and make payments online, through your store’s secure payment gateways.

Website Maintenance

Once the site is set up and running, we will be available to help you maintain and update your website. It is important to keep abreast of all the changes taking place in the digital world and adjust accordingly, especially when it comes to website security. We will be able to assist you to guard against any intrusions and breaches, ensuring your data remains intact and immune to any malicious attacks.

Website Upgrades and Re-designs

Do you have a website that is now outdated and in need of an upgrade? We also offer a website upgrade / redesign service that is affordable and effective. Breathe some new life into your old website by upgrading and adopting your website to the latest digital trends and show your clients that your company is dynamic and intent on providing the best possible service! Contact Us now for a quote and we will gladly assist you to upgrade your website.