The majority of European businesses have adopted cloud for IT infrastructure but its mostly being deployed on US cloud technologies.

European firms are reaching a new scale of public cloud usage, with 92% of companies in the UK, France and Germany saying they have adopted cloud computing, with 78% reporting they use a hybrid cloud, and 75% using multiple public clouds mostly on US-made technology, according to research by analyst firm Forrester.

“After a slow start, Europeans now recognize cloud for its support for new apps and also as affordable compute and storage for existing ones,” it said.

While European businesses have undergone a major shift to cloud in pursuit of speed, scalability and innovation, the top concerns over using public cloud were security and privacy around data protection and disaster recovery (32%), and application security and protection (31%). Lesser concerns were lack of internal governance over public cloud storage (26%), lack of performance (23%), and compliance (21%).

Over half (56%) of people who buy IT infrastructure cite modernization as their top priority, according to Forrester.

But in the absence of any European hyperscale cloud provider, Forrester notes that regulation is a big issue for European cloud markets.

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