All the buzz around ChatGPT has lead to a few tech companies betting big on the new Artificial Intelligence driven chatbot.

The latest news making the ronds is that Microsoft is incorporating the AI chat feature into their search engine Bing, to give more precise answers, not just to search queries, but also to general questions that would otherwise require that a user sift through many different sources.

Hot on the heals of Microsoft and not to be outdone is Google, which has responded by ramping up their efforts to retain their stronghold on search by implementing AI into their search as well.

Its looking more and more like this will be the first major advancement in technology in a long time, and the big tech companies want to get ahead of it as soon as possible. The next logical step of course is baking this AI technology into the browsers themselves. Opera and Microsoft Edge have announced that their browsers will have AI chat capabilities built in on their next round of updates.

This is great news for people that were locked out of sing ChatGPT due to its surge in popularity over the last couple of months. Having this type of functionality in browsers will poliferate the technology, making it available to the majority of people that use the internet, in a year or two, it should be ubiquitous and as popular as search itself. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Brave Browser are not far behind.

Artificial intelligence is  poised to revolutionise most industries as research hours will be cut down significantly and a more efficient way of gathering information becomes readily available..

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