Arm used its Dev Summit virtual event to set out how its recent sale to Nvidia would provide a growth opportunity for the hardware and software developers who rely on its technology.

Arm CEO Simon Segars mentioned that: “We will be able to accelerate innovation – to unleash the computing technology potential, to help organisations build and release ideas.”

With the fifth wave of computing emerging, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT) and 5G are set to change the world, and Nvidia sees the acquisition of Arm as a vital step in putting the company that became a household name in PC gaming at the forefront of next-generation computing, beyond Moore’s Law.

How so? well in terms of software development, AI is now able to write software that no human programmer would be able to create. Meaning that humans are no longer limited to their own thinking capacity and are increasingly relying on computers to solve insurmountable problems.

With computers writing more and more software for other computers to run, the Arm CEO predicted that the expansion of computing over the next decade will be much faster than it was during the previous decade.

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