How to check and improve your Android battery's health

How to check and improve your Android battery’s health
After some time, your Android phone’s battery starts draining faster. The reason behind this is that over time, the battery itself starts to degrade with routine charging. However you can improve your phones battery health by following the steps layed out below: 1. From the settings menu:
  • Open the Settings app and head to Battery.
  • In the battery section, look for the battery usage option
  • Search for Battery status over the last 24hrs
  • From here you can stop an app that is using your battery heavily or disable it outright by just tapping the app
2. Check android battery health using a dial code
  • Open the phone’s dial pad and input *#*#4636#*#*, a menu will appear on your screen
  • Now look for Battery Information for details like charge level, battery temperature and health and select the option you want. the details will be displayed on your phone’s screen.
3. You can install a good battery usage monitoring app
  • AccubatteryOne of the best apps for monitoring battery usage, it even has an alarm that rings out when your phone is fully charged!
Hopefully this information comes in handy! if it does, please share!
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