How to Clear YouTube Cache on Android

How to Clear YouTube Cache on Android
If you clear the YouTube app’s cache on Android, the app will be more responsive and have a more improved video playback experience. Having a better YouTube response on your Android device is something every user wants. Note that you can’t clear the cache iPhone simply because the platform doesn’t allow it. Don’t worry about personal data; clearing the YouTube cache on Android doesn’t remove personal info. Instead, it removes temp files that can potentially improve your YouTube experience but often causes more issues than it’s worth. Continue reading to learn how to clear YouTube cache on Android. When you feel that YouTube is too sluggish, clearing its app’s cache can help. To clear the YouTube cache on Android, do the following:
  • Launch the Settings app on your Android phone or tablet.
  • When Settings opens, scroll down and tap Apps or Apps & Notifications on other handsets
  • Now select Storage or Storage & Cache, depending on your settings.
  • Finally, tap the Clear Cache option, and the button will be grayed out
  • On the option next to YouTube, you’ll see the Cache total on the page drops to zero.
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