Jamaica Public Service, the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica, has migrated efficiently to the cloud, reducing costs by 40% using AWS Instance Scheduler.

Electric utility company Jamaica Public Service (JPS) generates and distributes electricity to more than 680,000 customers. The company focuses on continuing to grow and innovate while it is expanding digital channels. Its most recent effort to improve its customers’ digital experience involved building the MyJPS Mobile and Web Application.

JPS chose to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its elasticity, scalability and economies of scale, which the company used to build out improvements for its customers at a fraction of the cost of its on-premises solution.

Since then, the electricity distributor has continued to benefit from a suite of AWS services, including an AWS Solution called AWS Instance Scheduler, which helps businesses control their AWS resource costs by configuring start and stop schedules for AWS services. On AWS, JPS can automatically toggle its web and mobile portals and other mission-critical applications on and off to drastically reduce its cloud costs.

JPS is an integrated electric utility company and the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica, operating power stations, hydroelectric plants and thousands of kilometers of power lines.

The company wanted to create a complete web-based and mobile solution that would offer customers an improved digital experience for tasks related to managing their services, such as making timely payments online.

However, about 90% of JPS’s infrastructure was on-premises, which was expensive and neither robust nor elastic enough to support the planned initiatives.

To modernize its infrastructure, JPS chose to migrate to AWS for its wide range of services.

In early 2020, JPS began designing its infrastructure on AWS to support the new web portal and mobile app. The company received valuable support from the AWS team, which was especially important in the initial stages when building internal support for the project was crucial.

By the end of 2021, JPS had increased its cloud presence by over 90% as a result of its newfound confidence in AWS.

Source: Intelligentcio

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