Microsoft's Bing search engine is being rebranded

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is being rebranded
Microsoft is officially renaming its Bing search engine to Microsoft Bing as part of a rebranding effort. While the vast majority of people are likely to still just call it Bing, Microsoft revealed its shift toward Microsoft Bing. Due to this change, Bing is now using its own updated logo and a Microsoft Bing logo on the search engine’s homepage. Microsoft has been experimenting with Bing logos in recent months, with some of that work appearing in the company’s search engine temporarily. The search giant has also been opting to add Microsoft to many of its products in recent years, including the Windows Store changing to the Microsoft Store, and Office 365 moving to Microsoft 365 recently. Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Teams both use the Microsoft branding, while Surface and Xbox have largely escaped Microsoft’s broader branding efforts so far. Alongside this rebranding, Microsoft has been gradually improving its separate Microsoft Search product, which powers results across Windows, Office, and more. Microsoft Search also appears inside Bing to provide organizations a sort of intranet search for documents and more.
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