New Whatsapp Update enables users to send ‘Disappearing Media'

New Whatsapp Update enables users to send ‘Disappearing Media’
Whatsapp has made a major update to its service! A new update allows users to delete an image or video on someone else’s phone after sending it to them. the disappearing media feature causes media to disappear after being viewed within a chat. All a sender has to do is to select a ‘view once’ button when sending an image, video or gif. When it appears on the recipient’s phone, it is only visible while they are in the chat. When they go to leave the chat, a message appears that states: “This media will disappear once you leave this chat.” If they return to the chat, a bubble pops up that says: “View once photo expired.” The feature is still under development as part of the WhatsApp beta for Android 2.20.2011 version of the messaging app.
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