It looks like problems keep mounting for Huawei. Samsung has announced that it will no longer sell microchips to Huawei anymore due to US sanctions.

This is bad news for the people who were slowly getting used to Huawei’s low cost, quality products that have been steadily improving over time.

This all stems from questions that arose about Huawei’s 5g network equipment, which was quickly being deployed globally. Huawei’s 5g is said to have insecure hardware which ‘phones back’ to the Chinese government. Slowly, a lot of countries have now begun to remove Huawei from their mobile network infrastructure supplier chain. Countries like USA, UK, Australia and India have now opted for other suppliers to build the backbone for the next improvement to their Mobile infrastructure.

China has steadily made advancements both in hardware and software, and is under constant scrutiny from the western countries. Concerns about backdoor spying and other malicious misuse of data have arose, but are yet to be confirmed. This seems more and more like a political power struggle that has now spilled into the business arena. Another instance of this is the current battle over ownership of TikTok, which we will cover in our next story. News is your go-to source of Global Tech News. We cover the latest advancements and updates in Hardware, Apps, Tech Companies, Internet Trends, and many More!

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