Video Indexing Report Now Available on Google Search Console

Video Indexing Report Now Available on Google Search Console
Google’s new report in Search Console identifies issues Google ran into when crawling webpages with videos. Google is adding a new report to Search Console that will help you understand how your videos perform in search results. Previewed in May at Google I/O, the Video Indexing report makes it easy to identify and fix issues preventing your videos from surfacing in Google Search. You can use the report to answer questions such as:
  • In how many pages has Google identified a video?
  • Which videos were indexed successfully?
  • What are the issues preventing videos from being indexed?
Like other reports in Search Console, when you fix a current issue, you can use the report to validate the fix and track how the video pages are updated in Google’s index. Before today’s update, Google Search Console only reported on videos marked up with structured data. The video indexing report isn’t dependent on structured data to identify videos and therefore doesn’t report on the validity of video markup. That means you’ll need to check both reports if you publish videos on your site.
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