The quickest way to communicate with someone these days would be to send an instant message. Apps like Whatsapp have become the most widely used instant messengers and the fastest way to reach someone, however, sometimes the information sent to you form certain sources can prove annoying and not useful.

In some instances you may be in a very active group that has people sending messages every 2 minutes, this can quickly overwhelm your notifications and lead to you ignoring important messages thinking that it may be messages from the busy group. This can easily be rectified by just changing group notifications so that they alert with a different tone, this will differentiate all group notifications from the individual chat notifications. Another alternative would be to mute certain chats, meaning that the messages will still come through but you will not be notified, allowing you to check the messages in the chat or group at your own leisure.

Whatsapp has now introduced a new ‘Always Mute’ feature that will allow users to mute a chat forever. Here is how you can activate it:

1. Open Whatsapp and go to your conversation list.
2. Long press the chat you want to mute
3. Tap on the mute icon that appears on the top bar and select ‘Always’

You can use the new feature to mute individual chats or group chats. To get access to this feature, you simply have to just update your Whatsapp via the Google Playstore.

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