The internet browser of the 90s ‘Internet Explorer’ is now almost out of the picture. Microsoft is taking steps to completely replace Internet Explorer with then Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser.

Internet explorer still has almost 5% market share in browser use globally, this is a remarkable figure as it is no longer suitable for browsing, especially on the new age websites which are heavily reliant on JavaScript and some new programming languages that are upgraded frequently, not to mention it still also supports flash, which has some terrible flash vulnerabilities.

With the new versions of Microsoft Edge, when an IE user visits an incompatible site, the session will automatically be opened in Edge. Microsoft IE’s incompatible sites include Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, ESPN, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Twitter, Facebook, and a lot of other lesser known websites. The redirection will be handled by an IE Browser Helper Object (BHO).

The BHO functionality will check if a website is incompatible with Internet Explorer. If it is, the user will be redirected to open the site in Microsoft Edge. Users who migrate to edge have the chance to import their passwords, search engines and favorites, history and cookies.

For quality of browsing and security reasons, it is advisable to move away from Internet Explorer and replace it with wither Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Edge. This will vastly improve your browsing speed and experience, as well as make sure that your browsing data is more secure.

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