How to Tether a phone's Internet Connection via USB

How to Tether a phone’s Internet Connection via USB
One of the most useful features on an android phone is the ability to share the phone’s internet connection. This will allow any device ‘tethered’ to the phone access to the internet. This can be done either by connecting the phone directly to a desktop or laptop PC via USB cable or by sharing the internet connection via WiFi hot-spotting. Follow these instructions to tether your phone’s internet connection to your Desktop or Laptop PC via USB: 1. Connect your phone to a computer or laptop by using a USB cable. 2. Open the settings app 3. Under the wireless and networks tab, select more… 4. Enable the check mark on the USB tethering option. (this will activate USB tethering.) 5. The PC will now recognize your phone as a modem with internet access. That’s it you will now be able to use your phones internet access on the PC. be careful not to exhaust your mobile data quickly, you should monitor your PC’s Internet usage, as background tasks like windows updates and antivirus updates can suck up your data bundles faster than you would expect!
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