With close to 4.57 billion people or about 69 percent of the global population accessing the internet in 2020, there is huge potential of reaching your target audience. Knowing where this traffic is coming from can greatly increases your ability to optimize your offering. The growing internet usage is mainly being spurred on by the recent flood of mobile devices. More and more people are accessing the internet through their phones, Tablets and laptops.

Businesses have the opportunity to reach and retain new customers everyday by simply making sure their websites are mobile friendly. With the global pandemic also limiting movement, more people are forced to conduct business and transact online, this is projected to lead to an increase in online business even in the post-pandemic era.

Another factor that highlights the importance of having a responsive, mobile friendly website is that Google’s Search Indexing is now programmed to prioritize websites that follow best practices offering mobile optimized sites. Having a mobile friendly site will now help you become visible and google, and thereby increase your internet traffic.

Another major factor is the user experience. Making sure your website loads fast and the navigation is simple and intuitive will make it a joy to visit your site. Things like the font size, the images you use and the layout of the site all influence the general look and feel of your site and are a major factor if a visitor to your site will return.

Lastly, Do you provide useful information? One of the key driving forces in internet traffic is the information that you have on the website. More frequently than not, people go online when they have a question or want to find out how do do something. Knowing this, it will be beneficial to have some useful information on the website, that is in clear, and legible format. This is a great way of getting new visitors to your site, as after reading your article, they can then move on to browse and see the services that your offer

In conclusion, the key to driving traffic to your site is knowing what your customers want, being where your customers are and providing the best possible user experience. This will greatly improve the potential for growth of your online business

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